About Rene


photo by: west.vita

Born and raised in South Texas, Rene came to his love of language hiding away in local used book stores. Choosing to devour American classics like Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Steinbeck, over his course work, Rene quickly moved into poetry and became fascinated by the styles of modernist, and beat poets.

After graduating at 15, Rene studied English and American Literature taking every course he could handle (World Religion, Folk Tales, American Short Stories, British Lit, Arthurian Lit, and a survey of poetry).

Rene began writing short stories, lyrics and poetry of his own all while interning at the local Publisher Gemini Ink, and teaching at a Community Writing Lab. But it was his song lyrics that took off first with the band Hacienda, where Rene spent the next few years traveling the world, singing, and writing 3 albums of songs.

All the while developing his skills in poetry and spoken word, Rene publishes his prose on Instagram, keeps a fictional journal distributed through a local Texas zine called The Word Is A Bell, and started a new musical project Idyll Green with his brothers.