A Window To A Dream

I'm getting closer to the stage. Everyday. This vision of what this new show will look like comes back to me. Imagining what it will feel like to me. Or you....

Surrounding ourselves in this new idea of Idyll Green. Performing a new identity.

What it will say...

In every band I've had a different identity. Changing with the needs of the show. Like a new job, or moving to a new city. Playing new music can shape me, and my approach to playing. It's a little bit schizophrenic but I can't do it any other way. I can't embody the changes in songs with out allowing myself to be affected by it.  I can't just do the same thing every time. It's not truthful for me. And I think  the only good performances are truthful to the performer.

So this show is no different. And with out giving too much, it is very, very different than anything my brothers and I have done before. 

More than a concert, I want the show to be an expression of itself, informed by the music, but speaking in it's own language. Of  visuals and emotions. 

Each movement, we've thought, tells of places we've been. And things we've done, and how we felt. Again and for the first time. 

A window to a dream.

In all strangeness. The fragments bring us closer to the living world. Closer to ourselves. Or that is the hope I hold.

We saw an opportunity with these songs to give not just a regular performance. But exploring the possibility of what we can do. 

Showing us fears we hide. Expectations we avoid. Or perhaps even more terrifying, the joys we never pursue.

Until then it is more planning. More dreaming. 

A quick question or thought... if you could hit reset and set up your life, or job in a new way, how would you change. If today was day 1? If you knew everything you knew but could redesign your life? How would you? Let me know.

till then


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